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Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Sonia and other Politician’s Reaction after Election result 2014

1. Rahul Gandhi telling about modi lahar.

Rahul telling how modi lahar is responsible for loss of congress.

rahul on modi lahar


2. Arvind Kejriwal telling why he lost.

Maine to pahle hi kaha tha hamari koi aukaat nhi hai ji.

arvind kejriwal jokes

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rahul gandhi dance

Rahul Gandhi Jokes – Latest Jokes on Rahul Gandhi

1. Rahul Gandhi – Why he plays Farm Ville

RaGa Plays FarmVille to Understand Farmers problem.

funny rahul

2. How Rahul Gandhi will Develop India.

Rahul- Give Me India for 20 years and i will give you developed nation

kid-     Leave India for 20 years with family it will automatically become developed nation.

rahul  jokes

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funny disney frozen

OLAF Stickers Funny Expression, Quotes and Dialogue by OLAF

OLAF is a very popular fictional snowman character from the movie Frozen by Disney Animation, OLAF is a very charming character which always want to be happy and he put others happiness first before his, here is all OLAF Stickers for Facebook. OLAF Stickers are the way to express your feeling with someone else on chat and comment, if you and other person on chat have watched Frozen then OLAF stickers will make your chat more awesome.

OLAF Stickers, different reactions of snowman OLAF

Happy OLAF

olaf stickers olaf stickers olaf stickers olaf stickers olaf stickers olaf stickers olaf stickers olaf stickers



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alok nath jokes

Alok Nath Funny Jokes, meme, sanskaar and kanyadaan images.

1. Shaktimaan vs Aloknath

aloknath kanyadaan


2. How Alok Nath welcomes their geust.


 alok nath sanskar

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Funny cats

Funny Cats and their reaction for facebook photo comment

Funny Cats , Angry Cats, Surprised Cats and their reactions.

rahul gandhi joke

Rahul Gandhi Interview Jokes, Interview with Arnab Goswami.

Jokes on Rahul Gandhi interview with Arnab Goswami.