Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Sonia and other Politician’s Reaction after Election result 2014

1. Rahul Gandhi telling about modi lahar.

Rahul telling how modi lahar is responsible for loss of congress.

rahul on modi lahar


2. Arvind Kejriwal telling why he lost.

Maine to pahle hi kaha tha hamari koi aukaat nhi hai ji.

arvind kejriwal jokes

3. Yogendra yadav about to win 50 seats.

aam aadmi party 

4. This is why Arvind Kejriwal support Modi Sarkar.

arvind kejriwal slapped

5. Birth and death of Congress.

congress lost

6. What kejriwal thought and what he got.

We expected 50 seats but got only 4.

kejriwal funny jokes

7. Kejriwal realized why Banarasi paan is famous.

Khaike paan banaras wala khul jaye band akal ka tala.

kejriwal in varanasi

8. Meanwhile Digvijay singh’s reation on this loss.

Why should i worry about congress, i am planning my honeymoon.  [GARD]

digvijay singh funny 

9. Why Kejriwal got only 4 seats.

Kejriwal got only 4 seats because he got slapped four times.

kejriwal slapped

10. Manmohan Singh is very happy after congress’s lost.

He is happy because he is free now to make his own decision and not being treated as robot.

manmohan resign

11. Narendra Modi saying good bye.

Good Bye Italian.

modi after election

12. Narendra modi addressing after massive Win.

Its part time.

narendra modi won

13. What he got from people.

rahul gandhi after election result

14. He is planning to move to Italy.

rahul funny

15. Digvijay giving advise to RaGa.

rahul digvijay funny

16. He needs digvijay’s opinion.

He needs his “RAI” after loosing in election because hand is no more.

rahul digvijay

17. Dream of Rahul gandhi.

He thought congress gonna rule again.
rahul gandhi funny


18. Animal’s reaction after they heard RaGa  gonna be next PM.

Rahul gandhi joke

19. He missed Chota Bheem during election so much.

Rahul Gandhi lost

20. Animal Reaction on RaGa as PM Candidate.

rahul gandhi PM


21. He is shocked after election result.

rahul gandhi sad

22. Sonia gandhi is about to leave for Italy

rahul sonia funny

21. Sonia Gandhi Supporting Modi Sarkar.

sonia gandhi lost

22. Sonia and manmohan’s reaction after big loss.

sonia manmohan

23. Bhag Sonia Bhag –  Releasing soon

sonia gandhi after election

24. He is telling about Modi Lahar.

rahul gandhi


 25. Even Chota Bheem denied to Help.

rahul gandhi chota bheem

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