Narendra Modi and Gujarat Development Model Jokes

Narendra Modi and Gujarat Development Jokes

1. How  Modi Supporter see India.

According to Narendra Modi supporter Rest of India is Slum, Gujarat is only developed place in India

Narendra Modi Jokes

2. How Modi is Fighting with Corruption

Modi is Fighting Corruption with the help of corrupt Yeddyurappa.

narendra modi joke

3. Where is Modi Lahar.

Modi lahar reached in Jungle also

modi lahar jokes

4. How  Modi will save Indian Culture.

After election his poster will be use as cloths.

Narendra Modi Jokes


5. What is Modi Lahar

What is Modi lahar and what people thinks.

modi lahar joke


6. Development in Gujarat.

Can you imagine this much development has been done in Gujarat 😀

developed gujarat Narendra modi joke


7. Why Modi is Contesting Election from 2 Seats.

Narendra modi joke


8. How Ladies Respect Modi.

Narendra modi Joke

9. How Much Fake Promises is there?

Modi feku jokes

10. Various development work in Gujarat

Actually gujarat is so much developed that every thing is now bigger than ever.

developments in gujarat

11. Meanwhile in Gujarat.

Highly developed watermelon found in gujarat.

developed gujarat

12.  Modi Caught Red handed.

Modi Caught red handed Taking Support of Broom ( Jhadu )

Narendra modi jokes

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